What People Say

When it is all said and done, our primary goal is to serve our clients, and we take that goal very seriously. We take pride in knowing that our clients are happy with our service and are seeing great results as a function of their hardwork and dedication to their health.

While holding our clients accountable for individual goals is an important part of our process, teaching them to hold themselves accountable for their health is what we strive for. It is this that motivates us to continue to master our craft, not only on an exercise basis, but also from an educational basis.

Here is what some of our personal training clients have to say about their experience with Bond 6 Fitness. If you are a client and woud like to leave us a testimonial, please email us at info@bond6.com.

"Not every trainer practices what they preach, but Blair certainly does. He lives his job. It’s inspirational and creates trust in me that he will lead me to my goals. Keeps it fresh with workouts, and ensures I will reach my goals." Jeremy S.
"Ultimately, getting "fit" is up to you, and you can blame no one but yourself if things don't work out how you dreamed... it's a tough pill to swallow, but it's true. But the TRAINER is there to, well, "train" you -- to guide you -- to be the "expert" who shows you how to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and do what you apparently can't do by yourself: get fit. Over three years I went through five different personal trainers. Some had various accreditations, one worked directly for a top NYC gym, and one (extremely expensive) guy was a "trainer to the stars" -- training B-list movie actors and such. Despite being trained by such a varied group of well-muscled men, none came close to motivating me and getting me *excited* about working out. But Blair Small did. From our first session, I could tell it wasn't going to be an easy road to travel down with Blair to get me where I wanted to be in my fitness. However, his helpful and caring demeanor, persistent attitude, and textbook knowledge of how the body works gave me confidence that the arduous road would be worth traveling down if I had him there to help me along. My verdict, if not obvious, is that Blair Small Personal Training is well worth your time. Remember: every minute you sit there reading reviews and poking around on the Internet is another minute you're out of shape, another minute you're living in a body you weren't *meant* to have. Stop wasting time. Contact Blair today, and tell him Josh sent ya." Josh O.
"As an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry, my schedule is fairy erratic-- so it's very difficult for me to make enough time for fitness and the gym. But Blair Small has created an effective routine for me that isn't intimidating, and allows me to regularly work on my fitness and training goals within the constraints of my crazy schedule. And while training, Blair always effectively pushes me without ever being off-putting. He finds ways to challenge me that match my personality. In essence, Blair makes reaching my fitness goals both feasible and fun! I highly recommend Blair Small Personal Training." Vivek T.
"We were referred to Blair by another couple in the building. With busy schedules, it is tough to find time for the gym. Blair worked around our schedule to create a great training, fitness and diet plan to support healthy living habits. Blair goes above and beyond the title of “trainer” and we consider him as a friend." Steve & Elina S.
"I have been training with Blair since June 2012. He is an amazing trainer who understands my limitations and injuries. He is always very flexible with scheduling and understands when I am tired or whatnot. However he also pushes me to reach my goals. He is always supportive but also allows for breaks during training. Not only is the training awesome and working but our conversation always flows which makes the workout even more enjoyable.I would definitely recommend Blair Small as a personal trainer!" Jamie W.
"Blair is hands down the best trainer I have ever worked with. His tailor-made programs are incredibly comprehensive: from in the gym where he will carefully designs exercise routines to meet your needs and allow you to safely work within your constraints (in my case cervical disk injury), to your daily life where he will consciously mold his plan around your other sports and activities (in my case tennis, running, physiotherapy), as well as provide advice on optimizing your diet, in order to help you achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible. If you live in New York and are serious about improving your health and fitness, Blair is your man." Armenio K.
"As a busy mom of two who recently had a baby, Blair has been an incredibly effective and flexible trainer. He quickly identified my fitness goals and tailored a workout that challenged me but was also sensitive to the fact that after a sleepless night with the baby, I sometimes need to take it down a notch. I'm not a huge gym person, but he found a routine that was fun for me and motivated me to keep at it. As a result, I've seen a real difference in my fitness and energy levels. Thanks, Blair!" Tracy T.
"I started working with Blair as part of a half-marathon training/injury prevention, but quickly discovered that he is a one-stop shop for all things fitness/nutrition-related. I’ve worked with other trainers before but he’s the first one who’s developed a program for me that is heavy on strength training that I know I can stick with for the long term because it’s challenging yet enjoyable. I’d recommend him to anyone – he listens closely to his clients, is flexible and tailors the workout plans and intensity for optimal effectiveness. If you want results, Blair’s your guy!" Brittany R.
"There are trainers and there's Blair. From day one, Blair’s approach has been tailored to my goals, consistently pushing me beyond where I thought possible. His positive energy is enthralling and sticks with you long after the workout. I’ve been working out for over 15 years and I highly recommend Blair." Michael C.
"I came to Blair Small at a time when I had put on 20+ lbs and knew it was time to get serious about losing it. Over the past year, Blair has helped me to lose those extra pounds and lose them permanently. Each session is different (and never boring!). He combines a mix of cardio and weights that has helped me to not only slim down, but to become fit in the process. Blair's positive reinforcement throughout the entire process has been vital to my success. Without his support, I honestly don't know if I could have done it." Bridget G.
"Blair is focused on your goals and keeps you motivated but his easy-going nature and all round good character make workouts fun and engaging. Blair has tailored a program to meet my specific needs of weight loss and muscle toning. Circuits, strength training, specialised cardio and boxing have given me results in just a short space of time and the regular introduction of new workouts keeps things fresh and I look forward to every session." Rob K.
"Blair is an amazing trainer. He knows how hard to work you and pushes you to your limit in a good way. He is extremely knowledgeable both in exercise and in diet and he made my work out’s fun! Blair is very encouraging and I achieved the results I wanted so it’s high praise for me all round." Irha A.
"As one of Blair’s first clients, I can truly attest to his style and ability to help me achieve my fitness goals. He takes the time to educate and tailor work outs to make them enjoyable but results driven. Whether it was firming up and sliming me down for my wedding or keeping me fit through and after my pregnancy he has been amazing to work with. I believe that I had so much energy and an easy pregnancy and labor because of how fit I was from my work outs with Blair. I cannot recommend him highly enough." Michele M.
"I cannot say enough great things about Blair. I started training with him in 2014, right before my wedding, and more recently, when I was in my third trimester. Now that I have been cleared to work out post-childbirth, we are about to start up again! As someone who loathes working out, Blair managed to get me excited and motivated about our sessions by really mixing up the activities. Blair takes time to truly understand your fitness priorities, and cater each session to your needs and physical capabilities. I did not have an easy pregnancy, and was concerned about working out while I was so big and uncomfortable. Blair was incredibly supportive, and I credit his workouts for my speedy post-child birth recovery. Before Blair and I started my pre-natal sessions, I had no idea how important it was to build up certain muscles to aid in the delivery. Blair educated me on all of this and more, and I am so grateful to have had his help along the way. I would recommend him to any expectant momma's without hesitation!" Emily P.
"What can I say... Blair made me work my butt off but it was worth ever bead of sweat! Blair is an incredible trainer, he pushed me to my limits but with great encouragement all the way and now I have the results to prove it!" Jason A.
"Blair is a great trainer and an even better guy! He has a keen sense of when to motivate but also when to accommodate when you don't quite have your A game. The result is steady and consistent progress/results. Always finish a session feeling like I got a good workout and also had a fun time! I highly recommend Blair to people of all fitness levels." Jim R.
"Blair has been instrumental in raising the fitness level of a 55 year old who had not been in a gym since the birth of her 22 year old. Blair caters each session to insure my concerns and muscles are developing where I need them. His patience, expertise, and ability to make an hour of exercise enjoyable is only outdone by his pleasant demeanor. My weight has decreased by over 40 lbs and he is committed to my flexible schedule." Kathy M.
"I can’t say enough about Bond 6 Fitness or its Head Trainer, Blair Small. When I first started training with Blair six months ago, I was out of shape, a little overweight and had some unhealthy habits. I expected to try a handful of sessions to re-motivate and maybe drop a few pounds. Since then, Blair kick-started my entire attitude about fitness and training. I’ve lost 15 pounds and I’m stronger than ever. I can see a major difference and those around me see it too. Blair also helped me recover from an unrelated back injury, which left me with constant pain. Now I’m squatting and deadlifting the pain away. As a lawyer, I have an unpredictable schedule and many late nights. When I start my early morning sessions, I’m usually still half-asleep. By the time the hour is over, I’m energized and ready to kick ass. Blair is a great guy and his positive attitude is an important factor in getting me to the gym. If you’re looking to get in shape or improve upon your fitness, don’t hesitate to purchase a package-- you won’t regret it. Thanks Bond 6!" Tim B.
"I started training with Blair a little under one year ago. My goal was absolute—lose weight, become more active and develop healthier nutritional habits. What I achieved with Blair’s help was far more than I could have imagined. In such a short period of time I was able to move and train in ways I would have never been able to do on my own.  I have benefited by becoming stronger, leaner and more agile. I’ve lost over 90 pounds with Blair’s guidance and training. He takes the time to make you feel very comfortable and capable of achieving your personal best. He finds ways to consistently challenge you and push you to higher and higher levels of reaching your fitness goals." Priyanka S.
"I first came to Blair back in January, with a sort of “New Years resolution” to make going to the gym and physical health and much bigger part of my life. On the first day, Blair asked me what my goals were. I told him it was mainly muscle gain. From that day forward it was nothing but a delightful experience. Blair was patient with me, and pushed me the perfect amount, allowing me to see improvements fast, while also conducting the sessions in a way that did not make me dread working out. Going to the gym suddenly became an enjoyable but also rewarding experience. Each session with Blair was engaging both physically and mentally. He has keen eye for the perfect form, and is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the science behind each exercise. It was not uncommon for Blair to answer my questions regarding specific muscle groups, how to prevent injury, and perhaps most importantly how to maintain a healthy diet outside the gym. Blair consistently broke things down for me with lists, written suggestions and video tutorials, constantly educating and pushing me in the right direction, and making sure I was keeping after my goals. For me, he was a coach both in and outside the gym. After three months, I saw rapid improvements and have continued my regimen as I have since moved out of NYC. I would recommended Blair to anyone looking for a trainer who truly wants to meet their fitness goals, as with the right mindset, Blair will most assuredly get you there. 5/5 stars!" Andrew J.